By Derek Rous*


[* The following can be found in the ‘Prayer For Israel (Summer Magazine 2016’). 

Bold, underlining and highlighting of words are used throughout to emphasize truths, which are of great importance to Christians.]



“And I will make them one nation in the land,

upon the mountains of Israel; and one king

shall be over them all: …”

Ezekiel 37: 22, R.V.



This passage will be the theme at this year’s Annual Convention in July.

Here is a brief preview by Derek Rous:-






So long as the scriptures have been read, God has been calling believing people to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem that will only be fully realised when Israel as a nation is redeemed.  This has been at the heart of all God’s praying people for 2000 years who longed to see not just the restoration of His people back to the Land of Israel but the restoration of His people back to God.  (Ezekiel 36: 24-29.)



The restoration of Israel to the Land called Israel is truly a miraculous event unsurpassed in the history of the nations.  But it was neither an accident of our times brought about because of the guilt and sympathy stirred in the hearts of the nations as a result of the Holocaust.  Nor was it the result of Jewish ingenuity.  Jewish bankers, or overwhelming Jewish scientific, technological or military superiority.



Ezekiel 36 foretold this, - that restoration to the Land would be because God brought it to pass.  It would be His doing in the fulness of time - in the latter days as a prelude to the nation being restored into a living relationship with God.  The Apostles preached after Pentecost recorded in Acts 3, that if only Israel understood and believed in all that the prophets foretold, they would have known Jesus to be the redeemer of Israel.  And because they refused to believe it - they crucified their Messiah.  The Apostles’ preaching was direct and compassionate, reassuring them that despite their tragic action, there was hope - because God had raised Jesus from death.  It need not be the disaster they thought, if only they would believe what the prophets had foretold of this Messiah.  This day would be THE DAY prophesied by all the prophets concerning the restoration of all things.



God’s plan of restoration was not just concerned with individual redemption.  Ezekiel 37: 22 spoke of His plan to make Israel “one Nation under one King”.  Verse 17 speaks of joining two sticks representing Israel and Judah into one stick.  This would be an event not seen since the division of the nation under King Rehoboam in 932B.C. spoken of in 1 Kings 12: 19.  Here Jeroboam rebelled against Rehoboam’s unwise and heavy handed rule bringing about the breakaway of the ten northern tribes.



We are coming up to 3000 years since Israel was a united Nation but one day soon it will be re-united - what a glorious and blessed day that will be.



One might marvel at the fact that Israel has a government today - the only democracy in the middle-east, ruling from Jerusalem.  But when Messiah Jesus comes to rule, it will not be a democracy.  It will be a unique theocratic Nation where justice and righteousness will be the experience of every one of its citizens.  Israel will be one pure united Nation in the Land - on all the land allotted to them including the mountains of Israel and One King will be over them.  God will establish an everlasting covenant of Peace with them and set His Sanctuary in their midst forevermore (37: 26).  “Thenit says “the Nations will know that I, the Lord, sanctify Israel, when My Sanctuary is in their midst forevermore



Our prayer for its fulfilment is like that of Isaiah in chapter 64 where he cries, “Oh that you would rend the heavens and come down  It’s like the prayer of Habakkuk who also had the same heart for Israel.  This prophet’s name - “one who clings”, describes his sense of anguish as he sees the state of the Nation.  He trembles at the Word of God when he realises how God will deal with His people.  “Oh Lord, how long shall I cry and You will not hear



How does the Lord answer those prayers?  His answer is simple.  He will come down!  He will come because He has already come.  Zechariah 12: 10 says that He will come when all nations come against Jerusalem – “in that Day” and “pour out on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the Spirit of grace and supplication  And as a nation they will “look unto Him whom they pierced  He will come in that day and open up the fountain of living water that alone can cleanse away sin and uncleanness.  Why?  Because He has already come and fulfilled the work of substitutionary atonement at Calvary 2000 years previous which itself was in the heart of God before the beginning of time.  Revelation 13: 8 God will answer prayer!



Ezekiel 37: 26 talks of “making a covenant of peace with them (Israel) which will be an everlasting covenant  He will also “set My sanctuary in their midst for evermore  However, in chapter 20: 33 the Lord had already made clear that “with a mighty hand, with an outstretched arm and with fury poured out, I will rule over you  And further in verse 37 “I will make you pass under the rod and I will bring you into the bond of the covenant  What is this referring to?  It gives the impression that Israel is receiving some tough talk from the Lord.



Although opinions vary about the “end times” and consequences for Israel, the passages above coupled with chapter 12 of Zechariah’s prophecy and Jeremiah chapter 30 indicate that the realisation of the Kingdom age of our Lord Jesus will not come about without serious troubles for the world in which we all live – including Israel.



One cannot help hearing time and again through the mouthpiece of His prophets that God’s justice is linked with His mercy.  Hosea calls for Israel to “return to the Lord.  He has torn but He will heal us - that we may live in His sight.” (Hosea 6: 1).  “Seek Me and live” calls the Lord through Amos (5: 4).



And today, God calls out to His people whether in Israel or wherever they have dispersed, “Turn to Me and live  It’s the same message spoken by the prophets of God, repeated by the apostles at Pentecost, the same message preached by Paul to the Jew first (Romans 1: 16) and unchanged down the ages.



How will they become One Nation under God?  The same way it has always been – through Repentance and Faith in the Lord, the Messiah of Israel, the one and Only Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth - the King of the Jews and coming King over all the earth.